Thursday Afternoon Dredging: January 19th, 2017

Thursday Afternoon DredgingJanuary 19, 2017 • 1~2 min read • 0

Cuttings (short and sweet): Watch this basking shark breach! Follow GreatLakesCisco, a freshwater fish restoration citizen science project run by Ph.D. student Ellen George, on twitter! Remember when 2014 was the hottest year on record? Then 2015? Now it’s 2016. By Brad Plumer, for Vox. Dozens of false killers whales mysteriously strand in the Everglades. By […]

Thursday Afternoon Dredging: January 12th, 2017

Thursday Afternoon DredgingJanuary 12, 2017 • 1~2 min read • 0

Cuttings (short and sweet): Look at all these basking sharks in drone footage from Basking Shark Scotland            Follow Dr. Lindsay Marshall, a scientist and illustrator who recently became the first person in decades to illustrate an entire taxa, on twitter! More than 1,000 new islands have been officially added to […]

Bonnethead sharks, one of the smallest hammerheads, may actually be more than one species

marine science, Natural Science, Science, sharks • 2~2 min read • 2

Bonnethead sharks, one of the smallest members of the hammerhead shark family Sphyrnidae, have a special place in my heart. For many years, the avatar I used for science communication efforts, including posts on this blog, was a picture of me with a bonnethead. These sharks, which can grow up to about 5 feet long, are found […]

Thursday Afternoon Dredging: December 29th, 2016

Thursday Afternoon DredgingDecember 29, 2016 • 2~3 min read • 0

Cuttings (short and sweet): Watch how slowly this Greenland shark swims, from a NOAA Okeanos video. These sharks have the slowest swimming speed ever measured in a fish.  Follow sawfish conservation expert Dr. Tonya Wiley-Lescher @TonyaRWileyL on twitter! A Florida State research team, with help from our friends at Field School, became the first people […]

Here’s what top science news stories of the year listicles said are the top marine science news stories of the year

BloggingDecember 23, 2016 • < 1 min read • 0

Year-in-review news roundups are one of my favorite parts of December. I really enjoy remembering all of the interesting and inspiring things that happened over the past year, especially after a rough year like this one. I especially enjoy “top science news of the year” roundups, and I was pleased to see marine science stories make the cut […]

Thursday Afternoon Dredging: December 22nd, 2016

Thursday Afternoon DredgingDecember 22, 2016 • 1~2 min read • 0

Cuttings (short and sweet): Watch this hammerhead shark hunt and catch a stingray, from “Hunting the Hammerhead” on the Smithsonian Channel Follow Dr. Mariana Fuentes @Fuentes_MMPB, a Florida State University marine megafauna researcher, on twitter! Follow her for updates from her research, which involves sharks and sea turtles. Check out my interview on the Speak up […]

Help save the oceans in honor of David’s Ph.D.!

BloggingDecember 13, 2016 • < 1 min read

Earlier this week, I announced that I have officially earned my Ph.D.!  I am hoping to use this occassion to raise funds for a variety of environmental causes. If you’re able to help, I’ve created a campaign that allows you to donate to my favorite environmental and human rights causes in honor of my […]

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