Ocean apps and beluga migrations: Thursday Afternoon Dredging, April 19th, 2018

Thursday Afternoon DredgingApril 19, 2018 • 2~4 min read • 0

Cuttings (short and sweet):  Follow marine scientist and public educator Maeva Gauthier on twitter! Want to save the ocean? There’s an app for that! By Tim Fitzgerald, for the EDF blog. Historic deal to curb shipping emissions. By Anna Hirtenstein, for Bloomberg. Spoils (long reads and deep dives): How culture guides belugas arctic odyssey. By Joshua […]

An open letter to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on revising land-based recreational shark fishing regulations

Conservation, Conservation policy, Environmentalism, fisheries, marine science, Natural Science, Science, sharksApril 17, 2018 • 3~4 min read • 0

Note: The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is holding a public meeting on April 25th which will include the issue of land-based recreational shark fishing. Part of my dissertation research focused on this topic, so I am submitting expert testimony, but since I no longer live in Florida I am submitting it remotely. […]

Sea monsters and saving kelp: Thursday Afternoon Dredging, April 12, 2018

Thursday Afternoon DredgingApril 12, 2018 • 2~3 min read • 1

Cuttings (short and sweet):  Follow graduate student Justine Hudson, who studies arctic marine mammals, on twitter. Prehistoric “sea monster” could be largest that ever lived. By John Pickrell, for National Geographic. Right whales think before they speak. By Jason Goldman, for Scientific American. UK could create 5,000 jobs by improving seafood sustainability. By Fiona Harvey, for […]

Thoughts on the Sustainable Shark Fisheries and Trade Act

Conservation, fisheries, marine science, Natural Science, Science, sharks, SustainabilityApril 5, 2018 • 2~2 min read • 0

A few weeks ago, H.R. 5248, The Sustainable Shark Fisheries and Trade Act, was introduced into Congress. The purpose of this bill is to “encourage a science-based approach to significantly reduce the overfishing and unsustainable trade of sharks, rays and skates around the world and prevent shark finning,” according to a press release from Mote Marine […]

Invisible squid and fish with glowing eye spikes: Thursday Afternoon Dredging, April 5th, 2018

Thursday Afternoon Dredging • 2~3 min read • 0

Cuttings (short and sweet):  Follow Louise Chavarie, an Arctic aquatic ecologist, on twitter! A squid-skin inspired invisibility cloak. From Nature News research updates. Underwater noise pollution disturbs fish, too. From CBC News. NOAA publishes list of global fisheries and their risks to marine mammals. By John Cannon, for MongaBay Antarctic ice melting faster than thought. By […]

Giant whales and collapsing cod stocks: Thursday Afternoon Dredging, March 29th, 2018

Thursday Afternoon DredgingMarch 29, 2018 • 2~4 min read • 0

Cuttings (short and sweet):  Follow shark and ray biologist Jeremy Vaudo on twitter! Science may have a reason why whales get so big. By Carrie Arnold, for National Geographic. Paleo profile: The fish from China. By Brian Switek, for Scientific American. Mass stranding in Australia claims 130 whales. Video, for the Guardian. Spoils (long reads and […]

Migrating mullet and expanding garbage patches: Thursday Afternoon Dredging, March 22, 2018

Thursday Afternoon DredgingMarch 22, 2018 • 2~2 min read

Cuttings (short and sweet):  Follow science illustrator Bethann Garramon Merkle on twitter! Great Pacific Garbage Patch is sprawling with more debris than thought. By Oliver Milman, for the Guardian. In Bali fish die-off, a human hand is suspected. By Luh De Suriyana, for MongaBay. Spoils (long reads and deep dives): Mullet Mania. By Michael Patrick O’Neill, […]