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Sea Leveler Update: one week of #sealevelrise


One week of sea level rise recorded by the Sea Leveler.

Now that most of the bugs are out of the system, here is what a one week readout looks like on the Sea Leveler.

A few observations:

  • The Sea Leveler is driven by twitter’s own search API, which is not perfect. The rapid dramatic drops are due to twitter updating its search parameters to exclude tweets more than a week old. Thus, the  Sea Leveler records increased activity in real time and decreased activity less frequently, but in larger steps. 
  • I didn’t line the paper up very well, so the dates and times aren’t perfectly calibrated.
  • The massive drop on 9 April is slightly more than a week after Boing Boing picked up the Sea Leveler, thus reflecting the tweets resulting from the coverage being purged from the search.
  • The vertical lines that drop and return quickly are errors in the search function. The Sea Leveler is programmed not to move if the search function returns 0 tweets (which would indicate a connectivity problem).
  • I don’t know what was going on on 12 April, but @johnvanderhoef and @lindsaycthomas were tweeting up a storm from what sounds like a very interesting series of talks.

I’ve currently set the Sea Leveler to record a full month on one roll, so be sure to check back in May to see how it’s going. Until then, keep talking about #sealevelrise!


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