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Check out the cover for Fleet: Dereliction, part 3 of my maritime science fiction serial!

FleetCover1-derelictionFleet: Dereliction premiers next Monday! With the fleet split in two and its most valuable ship stolen, the Admiral has to deal with the fallout from the first mutiny in recent memory. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Reach, the trio of mutineers finally discover the dark secret behind a mysterious shipwreck.

This has been my favorite installment to write. You’re going to finally learn the truth about several characters. Motivations will be revealed. Most importantly, the story that’s been hinted out throughout the last two installments will finally be told. This was also may favorite cover to design. There’s a great story behind that image, which I can’t tell yet as it might give away some of the plot.

You can catch up with the Fleet in part 1 — The Reach – and part 2 — Wide Open — both available in Amazon’s Kindle store. You can also check out some short stories, published here, that further explore the world of Fleet.

Also, check out some of my posts explaining the science behind Fleet.

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