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Charlie and Me – 365 Days of Darwin

The die is cast, the votes are in, and the winner and grand Champion of the Great Darwin Beard Challenge is the affable, notable, not-quite-quotable (in polite company) Kevin Zelnio of Deep Sea News. It was a tough fight all around, and the three survivors put out some impressive beards, but it was Kevin by a chop. Congratulations Mr. Z, you are the fittest.

In recognition of this truly unprecedented victory over them Duke Boys, we invite Kevin to kick off a new series. Please join Charlie and Me as we begin a year long journey around the world, with 365 days of Darwin.

A victorious Kevin stands on the metaphorical shoulders of a giant sitting on his shoulder.

~Southern Fried Scientist

Deep-sea biologist, population/conservation geneticist, backyard farm advocate. The deep sea is Earth's last great wilderness.

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