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365 days of Darwin: The second 3 months

Today marks the official halfway point for our year long adventure traveling the world with Charles Darwin. his first 3 months are summarized here – 365 days of Darwin: the first 3 months. Charlie has had an exciting 3 months, traveling across the country, diving into the Deep Sea Lab, and even testing out his green thumb in the garden. He kicked off these three months with a celebration of Mardi Gras:

Charlie then traveled up to Baltimore to meet the Southern Fried Scientist’s southern fried family:

After returning to Beaufort, Charlie spent some time hanging out with Bluegrass Blue Crab:

The entire Southern Fried team met up at the Benthic Ecology Meeting, Charlie in tow:

After the meeting, Charlie spent some time hanging out and goofing off:

Charlie celebrated with the Southern Fried Scientist upon successful completion of his qualifying exam:

And we discover some more Charlie Adventures from the Benthic Ecology Meeting:

Charlie then spent a few more days hanging out with Bluegrass:

Back in Beaufort, Charlie takes some time promoting safe sex and conservation with his Endangered Species Condoms:

Charlie promotes the wonderful Southern Fried Science Store:

After spending three years in the Vandovernaut Laboratory, Charlie finally decides to explore the Lab:

Charlie checks out the Antarctica Bloggers:

Charlie shows off some of his swag from the New England Aquarium:

Charlie caps off the final days of his second 3 months by working on some boats:

This concludes the first half year of Charlie’s year-long adventure. Check back tomorrow for a new and exciting chapter of 365 days of Darwin.

~Southern Fried Scientist

April 20, 2010

Deep-sea biologist, population/conservation geneticist, backyard farm advocate. The deep sea is Earth's last great wilderness.

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