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Hurricane Earl

UPDATE: Earl has passed us by and all is fine.

We are watching Hurricane Earl very closely. Myself, Amy, and William all live within spitting distance of predicted landfall and the storm is expected to pass us early Friday morning.

Follow the #BFTEarl hashtag on twitter for our coverage of the storm as it passes NC.

  • Mandatory Evacuations are ordered for most of the barrier islands:
  • Mandatory evacuation for guests of Currituck Outer Banks effective as of 10:00 am on 9-2-10.
  • Voluntary evacuation in Tyrrell Co. effective immediately.
  • Mandatory evacuation of everyone on Hatteras Island effective immediately.
  • Mandatory evacuation of Dare Co. visitors.
  • Mandatory evacuation for all visitors and residents in South Nags Head effective immediately.
  • Mandatory evacuation for all visitors and residents of Ocracoke.
  • Mandatory evacuation for everyone on Emerald isle and all of Bogue Banks in Carteret Co. effective 5:00 am 9-2-10.
  • Mandatory evacuation in Pine Knoll Shores effective immediately.

NC Evacuation Orders

Evacuation shelters located at Newport Middle School. Salvation Army will be serving food at all shelters beginning tonight.

Be safe out there.

~Southern Fried Scientist

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