A brief note on libel

Currently, a commenter on multiple blogs within our network and beyond is fallaciously attributing a quote to myself and WhySharksMatter. For the record, the quote attributed to me here, to WhySharksMatter here (please note this is an identical quote attributed to both of us at different times, and the same quote is again attributed to a third party in a completely unrelated incident), and the claim here that I altered a comment, are false.

We do not alter comments unless the original author requests a change or the comment violates our comment policy. In either case, and with the exception of minor correction to typographical errors, we will indicate that the comment has been altered.

~Southern Fried Scientist

  1. When I first saw this post I thought it would be a magnet for trolls. I’m surprised at how quiet it’s been so far.

    • His trolliness is busy libelling us on his own vanity blog. Normally I’d point out the errors, but his description of the incident is so verifiably false that it effectively discredits itself.