About Southern Fried Science

Southern Fried Science is a place to discuss marine science and conservation as we explore the oceans. Our writers are practicing marine scientists at many different career stages. Our specialties range from local fishing communities to the deepest hydrothermal vents and everything in between. We tackle the greatest threats facing our ocean and our planet as well as the latest scientific discoveries and the most frightening, fascinating, and bizarre creatures that call the ocean home.

Through it all, we never lose sight of what inspires us: The ocean is a source of unceasing wonder and we want it so stay that way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Southern Fried Science?

Your first point of contact is [email protected] All e-mails sent to and from this address are considered public communications and may be discussed openly here or on other websites. Be sensible and practice good internet etiquette.

What is you comment policy?

The comment policy for Southern Fried Science can be found here: Comment Policy.

Do you accept guest posts?

No. Please don’t contact us about writing a guest post.

We do occasionally solicit guest posts from people in the marine science and conservation community. As a rule, these are people that at least one author of Southern Fried Science knows, personally. We may also publish student guest posts as part of writing workshops in conjunction with classes that we teach.

Where are the ads?

Southern Fried Science is ad-free and we want to remain so. Our writers volunteer their time and talent to provide content and keep this site running. If you enjoy Southern Fried Science site and would like to contribute to our hosting fund, please visit the Support Southern Fried Science page.

You may occasionally see posts by Southern Fried Science contributors promoting their own projects, or their colleagues projects. These promotions are unpaid. Southern Fried Science will never publish native advertising.

On occasion you may see Amazon affiliate links when we’re discussing specific products in the context of larger projects. These do generate a small amount of revenue to help keep out servers running.


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