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Ocean of Pseudoscience Week

No, we didn’t find the Loch Ness Monster with Apple Maps

Ocean of Pseudoscience WeekApril 18, 2014

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a good debunking-random-monster-sighting post. The ready availability of global satellite image databases is a powerful tool for exploration and monitoring but has also led to a boom in pseudoscience “discoveries” by people not familiar with how these images are produced or just willing to suspend disbelief for their […]

San Diego Demon? This ain’t my first trip down Possum Trot Road

Ocean of Pseudoscience Week, Popular CultureFebruary 2, 2012

Ever since we started tackling marine cryptids (not to be confused with real cryptic species) during our annual Week of Ocean Pseudoscience, people occasionally e-mail me with new “rotting rodent” style monsters. This news story – Behold: The San Diego Demonoid – has been making the twitter and e-mails rounds today. Like the Montauk Monster […]

Misunderstood Marine Life # 1 – The five biggest myths about Marine Biologists

History of Science, Life in the Lab, marine science, Natural Science, Ocean of Pseudoscience Week, Popular Culture, ScienceOctober 7, 2011

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the single most misunderstood marine creature that calls our oceans its home: the rare, elusive, often smelly, occasionally employable, Marine Biologist! For something so incredibly popular, articulate, good-looking, and revered, there sure are a lot of misconceptions about who marine biologists are and what they do. Myth […]

Misunderstood Marine Life #2 – moray eels

Ocean of Pseudoscience Week

Since they are typically observed hiding in dark crevices while opening and closing their mouths in an apparently menacing gesture, it isn’t surprising that moray eels get a bad reputation. The fact that their sharp teeth face backward (causing severe damage to anyone trying to pull their hand out of a moray’s mouth) doesn’t help […]

10 Myths About Social Science

Ocean of Pseudoscience Week, Social Science

Over the last couple of years of doing social science research at a marine laboratory, I’ve heard any number of comments about the social sciences that are rooted in a fundamental misunderstanding of the culture of a different (and relatively new) discipline. In a broader context, the Social Science, Behavior, and Economics (SBE) directorate of […]

I *heart* cryptozoology

ecology, Natural Science, Ocean of Pseudoscience Week, Science

Cryptozoology, the study of animals whose existence is unproven, lies just south of the boundary between science and pseudoscience. Unlike most psuedoscientific movements, which require adherents to suspend disbelief and ignore the realities of physics, chemistry, medicine, and, well, reality, the foundational principals of cryptozoology – that there are remnant populations of thought-to-be-extinct species and […]