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Science and Sustainability

Comment of the Week

Science and Sustainability

This week’s comment of the week is in response to last week’s open thread.  Mark Gibson gave a thoughtful response to the challenges of high seas governance, ending with the following strategy: End fishing subsidies at the WTO. Fishing subsidies have greatly distorted the world’s fishing capacity. By one study, the global fishing fleet needs […]

What is it about food?

Science and SustainabilityApril 21, 2011

The squishiness of the term sustainability also offers people pick of what they choose to think about and what kinds of changes they want to make in their lives. I return this week from a week of thinking about spaces of sustainability during the American Assocation of Geographers conference, where the series of sessions entitled […]

Book Review: Five Fundamentals for Fisheries

Conservation, Science and SustainabilityApril 18, 2011

Daniel Pauly’s research over the last 20 has provided much of the foundational theory in modern fisheries management. In 5 Easy Pieces, Daniel Pauly presents his five most influential papers, with a concise history of both the intellectual and human motivations that led to each study. The papers that were included in this volume are: Primary Production required to […]