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Shark Science Monday

Shark Science Monday: WhySharksMatter discusses social media and shark conservation

Conservation, Shark Science MondaySeptember 19, 2011

For this week’s edition of Shark Science Monday, check out this video of a presentation I gave at the 2nd International Marine Conservation Congress last May. My talk focused on how social media technology can benefit (and has already benefited) the shark conservation movement. It was part of a symposium organized by the IUCN Shark Specialist […]

Shark Science Monday: The Sharks and Shark Fisheries of India

fisheries, marine science, Natural Science, Ongoing Series, Science, Shark Science Monday, sharksJune 13, 2011

Divya Karnad is a wildlife biologist in India focusing on marine issues. She began her career working with olive ridley sea turtles, studying hatchling responses to beach lighting and temperature-dependent sex determination. Lately, she has been focusing on marine fisheries issues on both coasts of India, including shark fishing and the fin trade. She met […]

Shark Science Monday: Claudia Li discusses Shark Truth’s ‘no shark fin soup’ wedding contests

Conservation, marine science, Natural Science, Science, Shark Science Monday, sharksMay 23, 2011

In this week’s edition of Shark Science Monday, Claudia Li of Shark Truth discusses the Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest, which aims to reduce the consumption of shark fin soup at wedding banquets. If you have a question for Claudia, leave it as a comment below and I’ll make sure she gets it.

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