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The Menhaden of History

biology, Conservation, ecology, evolution, fisheries, fisheries, geography, marine science, Natural Science, Science, Social ScienceMay 13, 2010

Menhaden were the most important fisheries throughout American history. When the first settlers learn to farm corn, it was with menhaden that they fertilized the seeds. When the whaling industry reached its height, it was outweighed by menhaden oil. Menhaden ruled the ocean from the middle of the food chain, they were the dominant prey […]

Geography of Fishes

fisheries, geography, Science, Social ScienceApril 27, 2010

The discipline of geography is one that most people likely dismiss as mapmaking.  Gone is the stodgy cartographer and here is the GIS tech wizard. But outside of very particular applications, do most people really give geography a second thought?  I hope to show through a famous fishery example that the world should give geography […]

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