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Thursday Afternoon Dredging

Intertidal spiders and starfish night vision: Thursday Afternoon Dredging, February 22nd, 2018

Thursday Afternoon DredgingFebruary 22, 20180

Cuttings (short and sweet):  Follow Jessica Meeuwig, the Director of the UWA Centre for Marine Futures, on twitter. Check out #WowScienceFact, a science communication hashtag game that I started!  Ocean tides could have driven ancient fish to walk. By Alexandra Witze, for Nature News. Spoils (long reads and deep dives): Webs under water: the bizarre lives […]

Walking fish and microbe warfare: Thursday Afternoon Dredging, February 15, 2018

Thursday Afternoon DredgingFebruary 15, 20180

Cuttings (short and sweet):  Follow Katelyn Heman, a marine conservation biologist working at the Georgia Aquarium, on twitter! What this walking fish can teach us about evolution. By Sarah Gibbens, for National Geographic Fish forego sleep thanks to this molecule in their brain. From Nature’s Animal Behavior news. Microplastics pollute even the most remote parts of […]

Insect-eating salmon and cloned crayfish: Thursday Afternoon Dredging, February 8th, 2018

Thursday Afternoon DredgingFebruary 8, 20180

Cuttings (short and sweet):  Follow wildlife illustrator Marc Dando on twitter! The rise of fishing apps. By the Fisheries Blog. Misled penguins swim to fishing grounds that no longer have food. By Katie Peek, for Scientific American Spoils (long reads and deep dives): A pet crayfish is cloning itself and spreading around the world. By Sarah […]

Texting about ichthyology and climate change’s effects on indigenous culture: Thursday Afternoon Dredging, February 1st, 2018

Thursday Afternoon DredgingFebruary 1, 20180

Cuttings (short and sweet):  Follow Skye Augustine, a marine biologist studying traditional indigenous fisheries management practices, on twitter! A plate of lies: seafood mislabeling. By Meghan Fox, for the Fisheries Blog. 2017 was the hottest year yet for the world’s oceans. By Sarah Gibbens, for National Geographic. Helping sound out of water: new materials could help […]

Fat fish, snapping shrimp, and the best books about the ocean: Thursday Afternoon Dredging, January 11, 2018

Thursday Afternoon DredgingJanuary 11, 2018

Cuttings (short and sweet):  Follow University of Victoria aquatic ecologist Rana El-Sabaawi on twitter! Can fish get fat? By Abigail Lynch, for the Fisheries Blog. National fish habitat effort focuses on imperiled waters. From the American Fisheries Society Policy News blog. The Ocean Conservancy blog made this great list of books every ocean lover should read […]

Narwhal stress and coral disease: Thursday Afternoon Dredging, December 14th, 2017

Thursday Afternoon DredgingDecember 14, 2017

Cuttings (short and sweet):  Watch this amazing scene from Blue Planet 2! Follow Cat Horswill, a PostDoc studying the life history of marine predators, on twitter! In the Arctic, at least, diplomacy works. Bloomberg Editorial. Mysterious “white plague” threatens South Florida coral reefs. By the Associated Press. Climate change and overfishing are pushing seabirds to extinction. […]

Upside-down fish, shellfish poaching, and the value of whale poop: Thursday Afternoon Dredging: November 16, 2017

Thursday Afternoon DredgingNovember 16, 2017

Cuttings (short and sweet):  Watch this tiger shark hunting a hammerhead shark, in amazing National Geographic footage! Follow Sarah Popov, a marine spatial ecologist interested in fisheries and conservation, on twitter! Whales in polluted water develop a new feeding strategy. By Jason Goldman, for Scientific American.

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