How to support Southern Fried Science

One of these magnificent chompers could be yours!

One of these magnificent chompers could be yours!

Southern Fried Science is entering its 8th year of continuous posting. During that time we’ve grown from a single author to eleven writers and have published over 2,000 articles. While we did briefly flirt with ad-support, we ultimately decided that, in order to best serve the ocean community, Southern Fried Science would be ad free and never charge for content.

Hosting this site isn’t cheap, and every year our audience and our bandwidth demands grow. Last year we switched to a Patreon funding model. If you’ve enjoyed Southern Fried Science’s content and found value in our analyses, debunkings, humor, and guidance, please consider subscribing to my Patreon page so that we can keep the servers humming along.

But, wait, there’s more. I’ve revamped the rewards system to include some awesome 3D printed ocean objects. If you missed out on the Megalodon teeth from David’s sunglass campaign, this is your chance to get one. Head on over to Patreon and check it out. 

June 5, 2015 • 8:05 am