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Lazy Vertebrae

It’s been a long time since we’ve reposted this video. Even Osedax needs some love.

Hundred-leven to 1, Polyandry like Crazy!

~Southern Fried Scientist

Lyrics below the jump:

Lazy Vertebrae
Wake up to the sound of itunes
Call Cassie just to wake her up too
What up Childs?
Yo Kirsten whats happenin
You thinking what Im thinking?
Man its happening

But first my hunger pains are sticking like duct tape
Lets hit up some dinning and mack on some crabcakes
No doubt sly and sandy could outcook King Triton
I love those crabcakes like Van Dover loves Chiton

Fish, no snails, no clams, annelidae!
I told you Im crazy for those dwarf males profizza
Yo wheres the place to find em?
Deep sea vents, old chum
Lets hop aboard the Challenger, got things to get done
I prefer Alvin
Thats a good one too
Snorkeling is the best
True that
Double True! (two snorkel masks one over the other)

Gray whale carcasses
Step on it sucker!
Whatchu wanna see Childs?
Bulbus sac muther [email protected]#cker

It’s the Dwarf male-WHAT-annelidea
Yes, the dwarf male-WHAT-annelidea
We love the dwarf male WHATE- annelidea
Pass the dwarf male- WHAT- annelideadeadeadea

Yo down to the whale bones
Red plumes and green stuff
They got the root sheaths
Packed with bact-teria
Got endosymbionts t o be nutritious
Hettratrophic degredation equals crazy delicious!

Worm tubes are these dwarf males homes fo sho
All the ladies are the pimps and the men are her hoes
Its all about the sugar moma, baby
Hundred leven to one
Polyandry like crazy

3k meters to the seep
Osedax, an all-new genus
Two different types of peeps
Species Frankpressi, Rubiplumus

No seen gut or mouth but got a crown like King Midas
No kisses from this queen even if you try-dis
Shes got a trunk of muscles and glands
Gonna use em to get males; sharing never the plan
Hope you all paid attention; to teach was our quest
And after this last chorus theres gonna be a test

On the Dwarf male-WHAT-annelidea
Yes, the dwarf male-WHAT-annelidea
We love the dwarf male WHATE- annelidea
Its the dwarf male- WHAT- annelideadeadeadea

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