Gills Club Shark Tales: An online and in-person sharkstravaganza 19-20 September at NEAQ!

Note:  This post has been updated on 18 September 2017.  

Friends, Researchers, Countrywomen, lend me your ears!

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy and New England Aquarium are hosting a completely free two-day event, 19-20 September, featuring an amazing line-up of shark scientists and enthusiasts, including:

Keynote Speakers:

Susan Goldberg – Editor in Chief of National Geographic Magazine

Wendy Benchley – Renowned global voice for shark protection and co-founder of the prestigious Peter Benchley Ocean Awards.

Gills Club Science Team Speakers:
Dr. Michelle Heupel – Australian Institute of Marine Science
Dr. Alison Kock – South African National Parks
Dr. Brooke Flammang – New Jersey Institute of Technology
Dr. Cindy Tribuzio – National Marine Fisheries Service
Dr. Kara Yopak – UNC Wilmington
Dr. Lisa Whitenack – Allegheny College
Dr. Lisa Natanson – Apex Predator Program
Dr. Jodie Rummer – James Cook University
Megan Winton – UMass Dartmouth
Vicky Vasquez – Pacific Shark Research Center

This is an in-person and online event, with afternoon Ask Me Anything sessions and evening talks at NEAQ’s Simons IMAX Theatre!  Here’s how to get involved:

Online –

Follow The Gills Club on twitter to keep in-the-loop on this and future events.

Like the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’s facebook page, where all talks will be live-streamed!

UPDATE: Join our AMAs, both at 11:30EST, on our facebook group!
Also you can follow the luncheons and tweet us your questions using #GCAMA.

Start following #SharkTales now to see all of the events as they unfold!

In Boston:

Join one of our two free luncheon/AMA sessions with the science team!  Here is more info and please RSVP at this link!  That’s right students – free food and shark science!

UPDATE:  The 19th September evening talks are sold out and as of Monday afternoon, only 16 spots are available for the 20 Sept talks!  The evening talks are at the NEAQ’s Simons IMAX Theatre, and you can RSVP for the 20 Sept talks at this link Tweet us and let us know you’re coming 🙂

The Gills Club Shark Tales: Women Making Waves event would not be possible without the generous support of the New England Aquarium, Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life, and The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy.  Thank you!

Want more information about the Gills Club? Take a look:


September 13, 2017 • 9:55 am