Swine Lagoons in NC

Just some food for thought – a picture really says 1000 words here. What you may not be able to see is the conservation areas completely covered up by the dots representing hog lagoons.

  1. Y’all still need to go flying with me over Duplin/Onslow/Sampson County. We call it the Tour de Stench.

  2. How depressing. Geez, when’s a week going to go by without such downer news?

    Hey, there’s still the Gulf! Oh, wait.

    Aside from eating less pork what’s a person to do?

  3. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news!
    Eating less pork is part of the equation – but so is making sure your pork comes from the right places. That is, not CAFOs with enough animals to form hog lagoons but happy pigs whose poo goes for composting veggie plants.

  4. It can be close – and works balanced by eating less meat in general (we don’t need it three meals a day) – but is hard to find without the large markup by the gourmet stores that sell them