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$300 Donated to Bonehenge!

UncategorizedJuly 13, 2011

A thousand thanks to all our readers who donated to the Bonehenge project. We managed to raise $300 this year, which we sent off this morning. As always, the donor plaque will read “southernfriedscience.com readers”. To date our readers have raised $500! Read more about Bonehenge here.

Three reasons why you should donate to Bonehenge

• Uncategorized • May 4, 2011

Bonehenge is our community outreach project of choice here at Southern Fried Science. Over the last few years we’ve been raising money and publicity to help make Bonehenge a reality. There is a widget on the left side of the page where you can make a donation to help build Bonhenge. We’ll match all donations up to […]

Donate to Bonehenge!

Science and SustainabilityApril 7, 2011

As part of our month of Sustainability and Science, we’re raising money to help complete Bonehenge. Bonehenge is the skeleton of a Sperm Whale that stranded on Cape Lookout several years ago. Over the last three years, Keith Rittmaster and an army of volunteers from the North Carolina Maritime Museum have been working to re-articulate the skeleton for a display at […]