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Christie Wilcox

The Ocean Question: What ocean issues would you like to see discussed more this year?

Conservation, marine science, Natural Science, ScienceFebruary 10, 2012

This year, during Science Online 2012 I asked 8 marine scientists and ocean advocates the following question: What issues in marine science and conservation would you like to see discussed more in the coming year? The responses ranged from protecting coral reefs to developing better bioinformatic tools. Watch their answers below.

Three Ways to Support Science!

UncategorizedNovember 1, 2010

There’s still a week left in the Science Bloggers Donors Choose challenge and we’re short of the $50,000 goal. So if you haven’t yet, head on over to our Donors Choose giving page and make a donation. No matter how small, every dollar helps. Can’t make the donation? That’s ok, too. We’re offering a $50 […]