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Securing the Conservation of Sharks and Rays

Conservation, fisheries, marine science, Natural Science, Science, sharksOctober 10, 2011

At the 2nd International Marine Conservation Congress, Dr. Nick Dulvy and the IUCN Shark Specialist Group organized a special symposium called “Securing the Conservation of Sharks and Rays”. This symposium featured leading scientists, international policy experts, the founder of a creative non-profit, a National Geographic conservation photographer… and me. It was, without a doubt, the […]

A different perspective on the CITES disaster

ConservationApril 7, 2010

Lots has been written about the recent failure of CITES to protect marine species. Most of it focuses on blaming countries like Japan and China for putting commerce ahead of science and conservation. However, SCUBA operator and blogger Mike Da Shark has a different perspective- he criticizes the NGOs who advocated for conservation.

A cry for reason at CITES

UncategorizedMarch 20, 2010

Edward Dorson, the Director of Conservation Strategies for the Shark Research Institute, has published an excellent editorial about CITES in the Gulf Times, which describes itself as “Qatar’s top-selling English daily newspaper”. The editorial can be found here. Here are some highlights, though I recommend reading the whole article. “All trade in a species vanishes […]

CITES update: Bluefin and crocodiles and polar bears? Oh my!

Conservation, fisheries, marine science, Natural Science, Science, sharksMarch 18, 2010

The latest news out of CITES isn’t encouraging.  Marie Levine, President of the Shark Research Institute, is attending and made the following statement: “Animals did not fare well at CITES today. The USA’s bid to have the polar bear uplisted from Appendix II to Appendix I was defeated, as was  Egypt’s attempt to have the […]