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Live from Dayton: Using twitter to shed light on the Scopes Monkey Trial, 87 years later

Focus on Nuance, History of Science, ScienceJuly 23, 2012

Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve taken to twitter to “live-tweet” the Scopes Monkey Trial, as it happens, 87 years after the event. Through the news reports of H.L. Mencken and several historical documents, I attempted to capture the atmosphere of 1925 Dayton, Tennessee, the tension of the trial, the exciting, and sometimes irreverent, nature of the […]

Southern Fried Science: Origins

UncategorizedNovember 24, 2011

On a cold Thanksgiving morning, three years ago, I sat down at my old computer, a desktop long disused which had served me throughout high school, logged on to wordpress.com, and launched Southern Fried Science. This little blog has changed so much since those early posts, but the heart of the blog, that science is […]

Bone-eating worms and contorted creationist thinking

evolution, fisheries, marine science, Natural Science, Ocean of Pseudoscience Week, ScienceSeptember 7, 2010

I tend to avoid the creationist blogs. Every time I get sucked into that vortex of pseudoscience, I find the exact same debunked claims that were bunk when I was 12. There are better bloggers out there who have the energy and patience to systematically dissect the same tired old rubbish day after day, but I’m […]