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Crab industry in crisis, world’s largest deep-sea mining vessel takes to sea, Bayou Women, ocean trash, and more! Monday Morning Salvage: May 7, 2018

Monday Morning SalvageMay 7, 20181

Foghorn (A Call to Action!) The Eruption at Kilauea on Hawai’i’s Big Island is truly spectacular, however hundreds of people are displaced from their homes. The mayor has directed those interested in giving donations to contact the Salvation Army at +1 (808) 756-0306. Yale study: Newspaper op-eds change minds and The Long-lasting Effects of Newspaper Op-Eds on Public […]

An octopus’s garden in the sea, the world’s densest island, dangers of deep-sea fishing, and more! Monday Morning Salvage: April 23, 2018

Monday Morning SalvageApril 23, 2018

Foghorn (A Call to Action!) The journey is over but the expedition continues. Follow us on Open Explorer for our ongoing adventures in the Mariana Islands. WHOI is looking for some science communication superstars: Science Writer & Multimedia Producer and Social Media Specialist. Flotsam (what we’re obsessed with right now) The Okeanos Foundation for the Sea. Nuclear […]

Everything about hagfish is the best thing about hagfish, the battle for the deep-sea heats up, parasitic butt snails, and more! Monday Morning Salvage: December 17, 2017

Monday Morning SalvageDecember 18, 2017

Fog Horn (A Call to Action) The CDC was given a list of seven banned words for their upcoming budgets. Among the censored words are “science-based” and “evidence-based”, which, of course, are concepts central to the CDC’s mission. I have some thoughts about why this list has appeared at this time. If you think the […]

How to help Houston, GameBoy SONAR, buy a lighthouse, and more! Monday Morning Salvage: August 28, 2017

Monday Morning SalvageAugust 28, 2017

Fog Horn (A Call to Action) Hurricane Harvey is sitting over the city of Houston, dumping biblical amounts of rain and flooding nearly the entire metropolitan area. There’s lots of great organizations to donate to, but in the immediate aftermath, it’s often best to donate to local relief programs that already have a ground team […]

What does your sandwich cost, rare species in the deep, dong worms, and more! Monday Morning Salvage: June 26, 2017

Monday Morning SalvageJune 26, 2017

Flotsam (what we’re obsessed with right now) NPR did a great breakdown on the full carbon cost of one sandwich. Public Lab was born from the desperate need for unconflicted data during the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Since then, they’ve grown into a global movement for citizen science. They just relaunched their world-changing balloon mapping kit […]