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Monday morning blogaerobics: shark news roundup and a message from Antarctica

biology, ecology, marine science, Natural Science, Science, sharksMay 24, 2010

In the last few weeks, I’ve been busy with final exams and the start of my field season. Fortunately, many of the other shark bloggers have written about the important topics I’ve missed. RTSea and Underwater Thrills both have written about how the Gulf oil spill can affect whale sharks, which are filter feeders who […]

MISHAP in Antarctica

biology, ecology, marine science, Natural Science, ScienceMay 7, 2010

Southern Fried Notice: Reny Tyson is a graduate student at the Duke University Marine Lab currently on location in Antarctica tracking Humpback Whales. The main expedition blog is Tagging Whales in the Antarctic Seas hosted at the Nicholas School of the Environment. Follow their adventure as they track Humpbacks through Antarctic Seas. Today we begin […]

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