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Republican House leaders abandon Pelosi’s “green the capitol” initiative

Conservation, Science and SustainabilityApril 7, 2011

While I often disagreed with former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, her “green the capitol” initiative was admirable. Serving local foods in the cafeteria and providing diners with compostable utensils and cups helped make the House of Representatives a model eco-friendly workplace. Now that Republicans have retaken the house, they have decided to abandon […]

Save the light bulb, not the planet: A sneak peak at how Republicans will run the House

ConservationSeptember 22, 2010

Political junkies like myself know that Republicans are expected to regain the House of Representatives following elections this November. The Democrats’ odds of keeping the Senate improved with the primary victory of corrupt Christine O’Donnell last week, but there is still a chance that the Republicans will retake the Senate. This isn’t surprising- the opposition […]