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Ghosts in the Molecular Machine

biology, Conservation, deep sea, ecology, marine science, Natural Science, ScienceJune 24, 2010

The extent of migration among populations drives population structure. With enough migration, populations become homogeneous and behave as a single larger population. As migration rates decrease, populations drift apart and become differentiated. By measuring the amount of differentiation, we can determine the extent of migration between them. But what happens when there are unsampled populations […]

Crowdsourcing ConGen – A Reading List

biology, Conservation, ecology, evolution, Life in the Lab, marine science, Natural Science, ScienceMay 18, 2010

This is a little different from my usual Crowdsourcing ConGen posts. I recently completed my qualifying exams for PhD candidacy, so have a very large reading list compiled for population and conservation genetics. So, if you’re interested in the field, you should check out some of these papers, and if you know of any others […]

Crowdsourcing ConGen – Effective size of a population in flux

biology, Conservation, Natural Science, ScienceApril 21, 2010

When presented with a threatened population in need of conservation, the simplest and most basic question a manager can ask is “how big is it?” Unfortunately, this is one of the most challenging questions to answer. Determining the number of individuals in a population is fundamental to effective management. Small, concentrated populations can be destroyed […]

Crowdsourcing ConGen


Conservation genetics provides essential information for the management and protection of species and ecosystems. Despite it wide applicability and concrete, quantifiable output, very few people in management and policy making positions, as well as in the general public, understand what conservation genetics is and how it can be used. Concepts like F-statistics, effective harmonic population […]