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“You Could Walk On The Backs of Sea Turtles”

Ocean of Pseudoscience Week

Sea turtle research is unique in that many if not most of the people actually out in the field taking data are volunteers. By day, they are teachers, librarians, business owners, lifeguards, firefighters, students, retirees, you name it. If you’re curious, check out the network’s website. Sea turtles are the classic cute endangered animals that […]

Ocean of Pseudoscience Shorty – Bloop!

Ocean of Pseudoscience Week

Our oceans have always been full of mystery, and those mysteries have inspired many fascinating stories over the centuries. We tend to think of sea monster stories as ancient superstitions, but the tale of the Bloop is less than 15 years old. In 1997, some US Navy hydrophones that had been in place for decades […]

Chemistry of the Great Big Blue: Nutrients

Chemistry of the Great Big Blue, marine science, Natural Science, Ocean of Pseudoscience Week, Science, toxicology

The Great Big Blue looks like it contains nothing but water and maybe a little salt, especially out in the open ocean. However, this kind of sparse environment is exactly where the chemistry matters the most – it’s a fine line between not enough, too much, and just right. Given this, there’s no distinct myth […]