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Reader mail: Shark Fin propaganda

biology, fisheries, marine science, Natural Science, Ocean of Pseudoscience Week, Science, sharksSeptember 9, 2010

Last weekend, longtime SFS reader Suzy sent me an interesting question. Suzy is Asian, and though she is a committed conservationist, several members of her family regularly eat shark fin soup. One relative just sent her a copy of a news article entitled “Shark Fin Soup: Eat it without guilt” (available here). Suzy asked me […]

Supply Side Conservation Redux

ConservationMarch 24, 2010

The following was posted at the old website on January 5, 2010. It is reposted here as a response to the question “Why would you encourage people to consume any kind of seafood when bycatch is always an issue? Would it not be better simply to avoid any seafood whatsoever when we can live perfectly […]