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Scientia Pro Publica

Scientia Pro Publica 33

ScienceJune 21, 2010

Welcome to the 33rd Edition of Scientia Pro Publica. Food – Input and Output The Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog asks “Why are there no perennial grain crops?” Meanwhile, on the consumption side of agriculture, Akshatrathi looks into the details of molecular gastronomy. Finally, The Rational Conservationist looks at revolutionary techniques in hazardous waste mitigation. I need […]

Scientia Pro Publica

UncategorizedApril 5, 2010

Welcome to the April 5 Edition of Scientia Pro Publica – Science for the People! An inordinate fondness for Sea Horses I got my start in Marine Biology working at the National Aquarium in Baltimore’s Syngnathid Breeding Program, so the abundance of sea horse and pipefish related submissions get the prime real estate. Maniraptora: Tastes […]

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