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Sea Monsters

Half-safe, climate change, deep-sea mining’s last frontier, and more! Monday Morning Salvage: Junes 12, 2017.

Monday Morning SalvageJune 12, 2017

Fog Horn (A Call to Action) 27 National Monuments are under review by the Department of the Interior. Our Nation Monuments are our National Treasures. Don’t let them be sold to the highest bidder! Submit formal public comments on the DOI Monument Review and make your voice heard. Flotsam (what we’re obsessed with right now) Sand. […]

Real Monsters – Viperfish

Ocean of Pseudoscience WeekSeptember 11, 2010

The deep-sea, by virtue of no light, cold temperatures, and high pressures, leaves an environment ripe for evolving some pretty strange critters. One of my personal favorites, mostly because of the crazy teeth it boasts, is the viperfish. To me, the viperfish looks like a dessicated version of some sort of alien. In reality, it’s […]

Our favorite sea monsters – The Giant Manta Special Edition

biology, Conservation, evolution, marine science, Natural Science, Ocean of Pseudoscience Week, ScienceSeptember 8, 2010

Sea Monsters, mythical beasts of legend and lore that ply the world’s oceans, sinking ships, terrifying sailors, swallowing entire crews whole. Sea monsters occupy a special place in our imagination. The ocean is huge, unfathomable. Of course mighty beast could dwell within, undetected. Every once in a long while, the myths, the legends, the stories, […]

Our favorite sea monsters – Mermaids (#5)

Ocean of Pseudoscience Week

Mermaids occur in legends from cultures around the world and vary in shape, origin, and intent. From the beautiful temptress on the cliffs luring boats onto dangerous shoals to peaceful coexisting aquatic humans, mermaids have made a place for themselves in history. The basics of merfolk is that they are neither human nor fish but […]

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