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Share your Journey

UncategorizedOctober 4, 2010

This is reposted from the Southern Fried Science Network’s newest project – Journeys. Science begins in the field. Every year a vast migration occurs as biologist, ecologists, chemists, geologists, social scientists, anthropologists, physicists, oceanographers, and others leave the safe comfort or their laboratories and venture out into the field. They travel by foot, bike, boat, […]

Check out the two newest blogs in our network

UncategorizedJuly 19, 2010

Over the last week or so, we’ve been expanding the blogs covered under the .southernfriedscience domain. Check out our newest additions – Ya Like Dags, covering all things dogfish related, and Mammoth Tales, discussing the history and science of the noble mammoth. And don’t forget to visit our new mainpage, The Gam, where posts from […]

Changes afoot

UncategorizedJuly 14, 2010

Last February we introduced Bomai Cruz as the second blog in the Southern Fried Science Network and the first to operate under the blog.southernfriedscience.com format. Our plans to expand the network lay dormant after that first launch, for many reasons, not the least of which was that I had just moved Southern Fried Science to […]