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World’s leading experts say there’s a problem with false balance in conservation journalism; Steve disagrees

fisheries, marine science, Natural Science, Science, sharksJuly 4, 2013

False balance in the media occurs when a journalist  gives equal coverage, and therefore the perception of equal validity, to both sides of a story. While this sounds preferable to today’s hyper-politicized media, sometimes both sides of a story aren’t equally valid. For example, when the overwhelming consensus of the expert medical community says that […]

The Great Vaccine Conspiracy*

ScienceNovember 28, 2010

There is a war being played out in the media. A war being fought over the hearts, minds, and bodies of the people. A quiet, insidious war, fought not with guns or bombs, yet racking up a death toll none-the-less. It is a war organized by a shadowy sect of humanity, so cunning and secretive, […]