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The incredible biodiversity of Aquaman’s variant cover: Part four of a six part trilogy.

Aquaman, deep sea, marine science, Natural Science, Popular Culture, ScienceMay 8, 2014

Welcome to day four of our delightful tour through the weird, wonderful creatures on Michael Allred’s incredible Aquaman cover. It’s all fish today! Since we’re at the halfway point, now seems like a good time to reflect on why this cover matters so much. I’ve been a fan of Aquaman for a long time, and for all […]

Real Monsters – Viperfish

Ocean of Pseudoscience WeekSeptember 11, 2010

The deep-sea, by virtue of no light, cold temperatures, and high pressures, leaves an environment ripe for evolving some pretty strange critters. One of my personal favorites, mostly because of the crazy teeth it boasts, is the viperfish. To me, the viperfish looks like a dessicated version of some sort of alien. In reality, it’s […]