The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: Day 209

In case anyone was under the impression that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is over just because the well has been closed, it isn’t.

We continue to maintain our Gulf of Mexico Oilspill Page and will soon be adding a post-spill section to cover the ongoing effort in the Gulf.

Deep Sea News is at the forefront of oil spill reporting, with Dr. Holly Bik dropping knowledge from the front lines. Despite several meetings between scientists and government official, sediment samples have not changed hands and many of the labs funded to do oil spill science are not getting the samples they need to conduct their research. Is the government pigeonholing oil spill research?

Dr. Bik also reports that over 2 million gallons of the dispersant corexit were released into the Gulf. Independent toxicity studies conducted at the Duke Marine Lab indicate that the lethal dose of corexit for marine zooplankton is 1 part per million.

President Obama lifted the drilling moratorium, a temporary measure to protect our coastlines, one month ahead of schedule.

New reports indicate that the cement used in the Deepwater Horizon well may have been destined to fail.

Sorry still isn’t enough:

~Southern Fried Scientist

November 15, 2010 • 5:30 am