Ocean Outreach in an Evolving Online Ecosystem

Slides and full transcript can be found here: Ocean Outreach in an Evolving Online Ecosystem [AVAILABLE SOON]


Major Resources

  1. American’s’ Attitudes about Science and Technology: The Social Context for Public Communication
  2. Code Of Conduct for the International Marine Conservation Congress
  3. Oceanography for Everyone

Referenced Papers

  1. Your Science Conference Should Have a Code of Conduct
  2. Fish tales: Combating fake science in popular media
  3. Climate-Science Communication and the Measurement Problem

Other Resources

  1. Deep Sea News
  2. David Shiffman on Twitter
  3. Amy Freitag on Twitter
  4. ScienceBlogs, we have a problem
  5. Don’t Be a Creep: Lessons from the latest terrible, sad, fascinating scandal in the science blogging world.
  6. Mermaids: The New Evidence is a Fake Documentary
  7. Megalodon: the New Evidence is a fake documentary
  8. The Hero with a Thousand Faces: Joseph Campbell Foundation
  9. The next era of ocean exploration begins in Papua New Guinea
  10. Global Engineering & Exploration Counselors
  11. Open source. Open science. Open Ocean. Oceanography for Everyone and the OpenCTD
  12. Three scientists on the research they couldn’t discuss with media under Harper
  13. This Paper Should Not Have Been Published
  14. No you’re not paranoid – there is a bias against publishing marine conservation papers
  15. Submarine Cable Map
  16. Deep-sea Fauna with Googly Eyes
  17. Drown Your Town
  18. The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan (just between you and me)
  19. OpenROV