An update on saving the rainforest

Last year, I wrote about an easy way to help save the rainforest. Tropicana had partnered with Cool Earth, and every time someone purchased a container of Tropicana Orange Juice, Tropicana would protect an acre of rainforest.

As an avid orange juice drinker, I switched brands for a few months to help out this worthy goal. The program just ended, and I received an update from Cool Earth last week:

“Last year you helped to protect over 93 million sq ft of rainforest. That’s 450,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions you stopped from being released into the atmosphere. You’ve also protected thousands of species of plant, insect and animal and helped local indigenous communities live sustainably. This area of rainforest was at great risk of being deforested but you have kept it standing, thank you.”

Though the rainforest is still in trouble, this program made an impact. Congratulations to Tropicana and Cool Earth on a successful conservation initiative. I hope that other companies imitate this model.