Monday morning blogaerobics: shark news roundup and a message from Antarctica

In the last few weeks, I’ve been busy with final exams and the start of my field season. Fortunately, many of the other shark bloggers have written about the important topics I’ve missed.

RTSea and Underwater Thrills both have written about how the Gulf oil spill can affect whale sharks, which are filter feeders who spend much of their time near the surface. Other sharks that are threatened by the oil spill include pups who use the Gulf’s shallow estuaries as nurseries, according to a CBS News piece. Underwater Thrills has some disturbing video of sharks in oil in the Gulf.

On a lighter note, the world is a better place since the Chum Buddy came onto the market.

A prehistoric nursery that used to be utilized by my favorite shark species (the Megaladon) has been discovered in Panama. The internet’s best source for prehistoric news is Laelaps.

Underwater Thrills has some exciting news- the National Geographic  Channel has a new series about great whites that will be airing this summer.

RTSea has a post about new video showing how thresher sharks use their long tails to stun prey.

The Dorsal Fin has some sad news– the great white shark that was recently released from the Monterrey Bay Aquarium was killed in a fisherman’s trawl net. Oceanic Dreams has a report about 2 pregnant sharks that washed up dead in Florida.

My post about the Nicorette commercial has been generated lots of discussion. Two other blogs, The Dorsal Fin and Underwater Thrills, have also posted about this topic.

Finally, the MISHAP team has a message for us: