Summer SharkTakular links

The Oceans4Ever Summer SharkTakular is now over. I was honored to participate and I hope that Alexa and Cindy will continue this tradition in the future. In case anyone missed one, here are links to the SharkTakular posts (except for the ones I wrote, those will be resposted here in their entirety).

Introductory post

Conservation PSA by Alexa

Phil Watson on the role of humor in conservation

Oceana Q &A with shark biologist Michelle McComb

Smithsonian Ocean Portal’s Top 5 reasons to revere, not fear, sharks

Kids caring about sharks part one

Sonja Fordham on the role of NGO’s in Shark Conservation

Richard Theiss on the conservation responsibility of filmmakers

Steve Alten on sharks in popular fiction

Kids caring about sharks part two by the Finatics