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So apparently it’s natural disaster week at Southern Fried Science

We’ve got Hurricane Irene bearing down on us from the south. It looks like it’s going to make landfall somewhere in the Carolina’s, possibly as a category 4. Thankfully, we’re no strangers to hurricanes down here, so we’re already prepped with an evacuation plan and a very gracious inland host willing to take in us and our goats. Thanks Craig!

Projected path of Hurricane Irene

We have a little less experience with earthquakes, like the 6.0 the just hit Virginia, that we felt all the way in coastal North Carolina.

We’ll be tracking the hurricane and updating everyone, via twitter. The hashtag is #Irene and we have a list of important NC Tweeps to follow if you live on the coast (@sfriedscientist/IreneNC).

Stay safe and remember, there’s no trying to reason with hurricane season.

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