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2 opportunities to hone your online science outreach skills

Looking for classes on science, social media, and online environmental writing? We’ve got two classes coming up for undergraduate, graduate, and professionals students looking to hone their online outreach skills.

Social Media For Environmental Communications: taught this year by me and Dr. Amy Freitag, this course will be taught over 6 weeks this spring as an immersive online-only course–the course will be conducted entirely through social media platforms (primarily Google+ Hangouts). Sign up early as early registration ends on March 17 and space is limited. This will be our second year teaching the class, which was very well received last year.

Writing In The Digital Ecosystem: Effective Environmental Writing Through Social Media: A brand new course taught at the Duke University Marine Lab in scenic Beaufort, NC. Undergraduates from any institution looking for an educational experience on the coast can enroll in Summer Term II at the Duke Marine Lab. Plenty of other outstanding ocean science and policy courses are on offer during the same term. Graduate students enrolled in Duke’s Masters in Environmental Management program can also enroll.

Deep-sea biologist, population/conservation geneticist, backyard farm advocate. The deep sea is Earth's last great wilderness.

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