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What does an OpenCTD mean to marine ecologists?

ScienceJuly 26, 2013

The OpenCTD–a conductivity-temperature-depth (or CTD) sonde is considered the ‘work-horse’ of oceanography. Three relatively simple probes constitute the CTD and allow researchers to make basic water quality measurements. These fundamental measurements are the foundation upon which marine science is built.  As was aptly stated by Dr. Thaler, “Rare is the scientific expedition–whether it be coastal […]

Meet WormCam

Core Themes for 2012, ecology, marine science, Natural Science, Science, The Story Behind the PaperDecember 5, 2012

Technology in water? That seems a bit counter-intuitive  doesn’t it? Well, Dr. Kersey Sturdivant, during his undergraduate and graduate years, denied the golden rule of electronics and submerged a video camera under water. But this is not your typical Canon Powershot D10. This is WormCam. As much as I love thumbing through magazines and flipping page […]

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