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Check out Episode 1 of Blue Pints: shark fishing, shark finning, and finding common ground in shark conservation

Sunday night at 7:30, David Shiffman and myself will host the first, of what we hope will be many, Blue Pints on Google+. The two of us will get together via Google Hangouts and broadcast a 45-minute-to-one-hour program discussing recent important issues in ocean science, while enjoying a pint of what-cures-you. We’ll provide a link to the live stream (and subsequent YouTube video) here, in this post, as well as announce it over our various social media platforms. We’ll be monitoring the comment thread on the Google+ post, so feel free to ask questions and join the discussion during the hangout.

This week, we’ll be discussing shark fishing, shark finning, and finding common ground in shark conservation. Tune in Sunday at 7:30!

Watch the video here:

Posts discussed in this hangout include:

Florida angler catches (and likely kills) Endangered great hammerhead shark – http://www.southernfriedscience.com/?p=12723

What shark finning means (and doesn’t mean): a primer and quiz –http://www.southernfriedscience.com/?p=13284

Lonesome George –http://scientopia.org/blogs/hardtack/2012/06/24/lonesome-george/

Hooper Drives The Boat, Chief – http://deepseanews.com/2012/06/hooper-drives-the-boat-chief/

Tweeps mentioned – Rick MacPherson – https://twitter.com/#!/rmacpherson, Jason Robertshaw – https://twitter.com/#!/cephalopodcast, seaottersdotcom –https://twitter.com/#!/seaottersdotcom

Also relevant: Shark Finning, Fisheries, and Smooth Dogfish


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