5 reasons you should attend ScienceOnline Oceans


sciooceansThis October, I’ll be hosting ScienceOnline Oceans at the University of Miami. Registration is now open (register here), and we still have a few spots available. Here are 5 reasons why you should join us.

1) The people. The list of ScienceOnline Oceans attendees includes scientists, students, conservationists, journalists, and science communicators from all over the country, as well as (so far) Belize, South Africa, and Canada. It will be an excellent networking opportunity in addition to a lot of fun.

2) The program. Our program includes a huge variety of topics focusing on how marine scientists and conservationists can use the internet for collaboration, education and outreach. There’s something for everyone.

3) Be a part of the ScienceOnline community while trying something new. Since 2007, ScienceOnline has hosted conferences that have brought together thousands of scientists, science communicators, and science enthusiasts. There have been several regional meetings, but ScienceOnline Oceans ( and ScienceOnline Climate ) are the first topically themed conferences.

4) Miami. Miami is a beautiful, fun and active city. All conference attendees will get to experience some of the local charm on Saturday night, when we have dinner in the city in small groups at a variety of nearby restaurants. Attendees will also have the option of experiencing South Florida’s marine and coastal environment through post-meeting field trips, which include exploring the Everglades, snorkeling on a coral reef, or tagging sharks.

5) The hotel. Regular ScienceOnline attendees know that the conference hotel is the social hub of the meeting. For ScienceOnline Oceans, we chose a beautiful hotel in a great neighborhood (Coconut Grove). Expect lots of late-night socializing in the rooftop pool bar overlooking the ocean.

SciOctopus enjoying the Sonesta rooftop pool bar

SciOctopus enjoying the Sonesta rooftop pool bar

What are you waiting for? Register now.

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  1. Angelo · July 19, 2013

    Looking forward to it!

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