Announcing a F1000 research collection on shark biology and conservation

An announcement from Cesar Berrios-Otero, Outreach Director at Faculty of 1000:

f1000-researchShark Week is fast approaching and with it the potential for misinformation (re Megalodon special 2013) as well as an excellent opportunity for public education and outreach. Furthermore, with 25% of all sharks and their relatives in danger of extinction due to over fishing, at F1000Research (a new open science journal launched in 2013) we believe this is the ideal opportunity to raise awareness of elasmobranch biology and conservation efforts. In order to support these efforts we are planning the release of an article collection to coincide with this event. We are encouraging authors to contribute their work in order to highlight the importance of these indispensable apex predators.


We are looking for passionate shark biologists who would like to publish articles in the following areas:

  • Policy, regulations and laws regarding shark conservation.
  • Migration, feeding, ecology and behavior of sharks.
  • Profiles of shark fisheries and future needs.


At F1000Research we share your desire to get the word out on shark biology and conservation as fast as possible by revolutionizing scientific publishing and communication. With a panel of over 1400 of the most eminent names in biology and medicine, including renowned marine biologists, your article will be in good company. Articles published on F1000Research undergo an initial pre-publication check and are published online within a week. Immediately after publication, invited reviewers are approached to provide post-publication open peer reviews. With our post-publication peer review approach to publishing, we guarantee:

  • Immediate publication of all valid science (regardless of perceived impact)
  • Inclusion of all data with every article
  • Post-publication peer review
  • Indexing in PubMed and other major services (following positive peer review).
  • Open refereeing
  • Full open access


In order to coincide with Shark Week the deadline for submission is July 7th, 2014. If you intend to submit a paper for the collection, we ask that you notify us by June 1st. When submitting your paper, please indicate in the notes section that your paper is intended for this collection. Similar to our other collections, it will include an introductory commentary/review and a series of articles focusing on various topics on the biology and conservation of elasmobranchs.  As an Open Access publisher F1000Research charges for publication, with prices as follow:

Research Articles; Method Articles; Study Protocols; Reviews; Systematic Reviews US $1000
Clinical Practice Articles; Software Tools; Observation Articles; Opinion Articles; Research Notes US $500
Data Notes, Case Reports; Correspondence US $250 #
* UK customers will also be subject to pay VAT on these fees.
These fees include up to 1 GB of data.
# The fee of US $250 includes up to 1 MB of data; for up to 1 GB of data, we will need to charge an additional US $200 to cover the storage costs.


A publication discount of 20% will be applied to all articles within the collection (those focused on science communication and policy would be free). If you would like to publish your article as part of this collection and for more information, please contact F1000Research Outreach Director for the Americas, Cesar Berrios-Otero ([email protected]).