Announcing the #BestShark contest for David’s birthday: make sandbar shark memes and art, win prizes!

My 35th birthday is next week, and I am calling upon the forces of the Internetz to help make it an amusing one. As you all know, sandbar shark is #BestShark. This spectacular shark is even the logo of my new consultancy!

David Shiffman Scientific and Environmental Consulting Logo: Original commissioned artwork by Ethan Kocak

I want you to help me celebrate my birthday by creating sandbar shark #BestShark memes and/or artwork! And my favorites will win prizes! Here’s how it works:

  1. Create memes and artwork celebrating the sandbar shark as #BestShark! Artwork must be original and by you, you will be credited as the creator. Memes must be original, and if you’re using a photograph or scientific illustration or scientific paper figure or really anything you didn’t make yourself for the base of a meme, please make sure to credit the creator, they as well as you (the meme creator) will be credited.
  2. Send them to me (WhySharksMatter at gmail, subject line #BestShark contest) by the end of the day on August 27th!
  3. I’ll choose my favorites, which will be announced on August 28th, my 35th birthday!
  4. My favorites will win prizes*! Each of my top 20 favorites will receive one of my new stickers featuring fun facts about sharks! And each of my top five favorites will receive a 3D printed megalodon tooth in addition to one of my new stickers! *= offers of me mailing 3D printed stuff to you are contingent upon you living in the United States, because otherwise it gets expensive for me to mail you stuff.
  5. I will share all of my favorites (not just the top 20) on my social media over the next few weeks, crediting you as the artist or meme creator (along with original photographer/artist credit if you modified an image for a meme).
  6. Memes mocking the glory of the true #BestShark the sandbar shark are ineligible to win a prize but are certainly welcome to submit entries, especially if they amuse me. Haters to the left.
  7. That’s it! May be the best memelords win!