Audi’s Green Police Ad

Even though my Steelers weren’t in it this year, I watched the Super Bowl last night. I suppose that we have to let other teams win occasionally. I was disappointed by the ads this year overall (though the milkaholic E-trade baby and  the Dorito’s ninja were awesome), but one in particular caught my attention.

Is this how the general public sees the environmental movement? A bunch of whiners who are just out to ruin the fun of honest, hardworking Americans?


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  1. Southern Fried Scientist · February 8, 2010

    I couldn’t tell, did the turbo diesel get to go because it’s super cool, or some bizarre category of “green” in which buying a new car built halfway around the world that runs on diesel is somehow environmentally responsible.

    I did like the fact that the “environemental criminals” were all middle class white dudes. So many of these ads like to pretend that you can live a privileged lifestyle and as long as you buy the right lightbulb, you’re saving the world. Of course, this ad didn’t address that, it just didn’t use racial stereotypes for all the criminals.

    Otherwise I thought the message was – Oh no, the green gestapo is coming to get you.

    And what the hell is up with “paper or plastic?” How about “oh you didn’t bring your own reusable bag, guess you’ll have to carry everything out to the car by hand.”

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