Three ways to support Southern Fried Science and Ocean Outreach

Every year, Southern Fried Science and our related outreach campaigns churn out hundreds of articles about marine science and conservation, coordinate innovative, multimedia outreach campaigns, and produce both educational tools and actual open-source hardware to help protect the ocean. These efforts aren’t free and our authors volunteer their time and expertise to help make Southern Fried Science one of the most visited marine science and conservation websites on the internet. Server costs run in excess of $3,000 per year, and that not including tech support and website development, all of which are voluntary and occasionally offset by funding campaigns. We don’t run ads. We don’t charge for access to our content.

So how can you help support Southern Fried Science?

  1. Read, discuss, and share our blog posts, videos, articles, tweets, and other projects. That’s why we do this.
  2. Contribute to Andrew’s Patreon. Website Overlord Andrew David Thaler runs a Patreon page to help offset the bulk of the cost of running Southern Fried Science, cover his tech support time, and fund new and interesting projects. The big stuff – keeping the website running, developing open-source hardware, buying capital equipment – all happens through support from his Patrons. This year, two peer-reviewed publications are slated to come out acknowledging financial support from Patreon.
  3. Use our Amazon Affiliate links. On some projects that involve buying hardware (or book reviews), we provide links to the parts we use. These links are Amazon Affiliate links, a small percentage of you purchase through that link goes back to us. It’s a simple, no fuss way to show you support.

You could also buy one of Andrew’s books – which are outreach efforts in their own rights, but those profits aren’t directly earmarked for Southern Fried Science.

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Southern Fried Science needs your help!

For more than 5 years, Southern Fried Science has shared incisive, clever, humorous, informative, and educational ocean science and conservation stories. Our content has always been free, and, with the exception of one brief experiment, ad-free. Our writers are volunteers. Our tech support donates his time and expertise to keep the site running smoothly  (for transparency’s sake, Andrew does the site maintenance and conducted the recent complete redesign of the site) . Our most senior members pay our server hosting fees out of pocket. Southern Fried Science occupies an important niche in the marine science and conservation community.

We’ve grown. Last year we brought in over 1,000,000 unique visitors. Growth comes with additional costs, in both hosting fees and maintenance time. Our budget isn’t huge, but it is tight.

If you enjoy this site, please consider contributing a few dollars to help cover our costs. We’ve set up a few different option on the Support Southern Fried Science Page. You can subscribe to make a recurring monthly payment (expires after 12 months) or a one-time donation. Donations will go towards server hosting costs, compensating our tech support for his time, and funding exciting new projects.