Donors Choose Success: “Our Shark Tale” is fully funded!

Last week, I asked for your help funding a project about sharks from our Donors Choose initiative. I’m pleased to report that thanks to your generosity,  it has been fully funded!

Mrs. S posted a thank you letter:

“Dear Arkansas Community Foundation SIMS Grant Program, Elizabeth, Chuck, John and The APSRC and Walton Family Foundation,

Thank you so much for your generosity! My students will be very excited to learn that they will be able to experience their very own “Shark Tale!” For the majority of them this will be their only contact with marine animals! Now they will get to have a hands on experience and learn more about the interrelationships of cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems. As well as be able to compare which systems are closely related to ours.

The dissection tools will also be put to use for many years to come! Know that your thoughtfulness will carry on to many others! These tools will help me complete this lab and many others.

With gratitude,

Mrs. S.”

Thank you, everyone! I’ll highlight another project soon, but in the meantime, please browse through all of them on our Donors Choose page.


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