DonorsChoose Update: Over $700 raised so far, 4 new projects added, 12 days to go!

The 2012 DonorsChoose Science Bloggers for Students Challenge is shaping up to be another big success! As of this morning, 132 people had donated a total of nearly $10,000 to help support science education in public schools, and Team Surf and Turf (Ocean and Geology Bloggers) is in the lead with over $3,000 donated. 14 Southern Fried Science readers have donated a total of almost $750 , and 5 of our 12 featured projects have been fully funded! Thanks, everyone, for all the support so far!

Due to our success so far, I’ve added four new projects to our giving page. You can see all of our featured projects here. I encourage everyone to look through the projects and consider making a donation to help students all around the country to learn about the ocean. We’ve focused on exposing students to  marine life via classroom fish tanks, trips to local aquariums or to the coast, and books.