Posts of Note Around the Gam – July 28th, 2011

We here at the Gam always like good news and sometimes in the environmental field, it’s quite hard to come by. But Ya Like Dags describes the Win with PCS Phosphate’s expansion here in eastern NC. A major take-home point, though, is that while the case might be a win in the environment category, it’s also a huge win the economy category, proving that it’s not always environment vs. jobs.

A good photographer and anyone who’s ever had to give a presentation on a more abstract subject can appreciate the value of this photo of coevolution’s distant cousins. Plus, you get the insider’s story as to why such great images are so hard to come by. Thanks, Arthropoda!

"Nudge" in a nutshell

The gals over at The Birds, The Bees, and Feeding the World pose an excellent question this week – Can we nudge our way to sustainability? Apparently English leadership thinks so. Wondering what nudge is? Subconscious changes in your environment signaling you to act more sustainably. Interesting use of subliminal messaging, but I can’t help but feel like England has lost faith in their citizens’ ability to learn and make decisions on their own.

Finally, one always loves a good press snafoo – and the Skeptical Moth has caught one from San Francisco trying to solicit volunteers for butterfly conservation in their parks.