Bacon Blog Wars is on

There’s been far too much Science around here lately, and not nearly as much Southern Fried.

Scicurious of the excellent Neurotopia stepped into a hornet’s nest when she declared:

Chocolate covered bacon is a SIN AGAINST DELICIOUSNESS


To which I responded:

blasphemy against one bacon is blasphemy against all!


How could she know the fury that statement would unleash? Well, for starters, this blog is title Southern Fried Science. But then, there are these images to consider:

A 500-gallon heating oil tank in the process of becoming the Legendary Joe-B-Q

“The Shiffman” a hotdog served in a twinkie, a custom made by Pauly Dogs for WhySharksMatter.

So yeah, we take out excessively unhealthy and classically southern foods to their absurd extremes. Jason Goldman has charted the history of this epic at The Thoughtful Animal.

So choose your side, but choose wisely. And remember, our team has bacon.

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~Southern Fried Scientist

Update: PalMD lays it down